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Symptoms of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops in that outer lining of some organs of the body, mainly linked to exposure to asbestos, a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres that used to be widely used in construction. These tiny fibres can easily get in the lungs,

What can affect a car’s value?

When you think about what could affect the value of your car, one would immediately say the year it was built or how many kilometers it has driven. In fact, many different things, positive and negative, can change the value of your car, and even a lot! What can

Used car value: should I sell it or trade in?

Used car prices may vary depending on the year, make, model, body style, conditions of use, mileage, location where the vehicle is sold. This is why you need to use a trusted appraisal tool: Kelley Blue Book is certainly the most trusted source in the business, an indispensable resource of information used by both consumers and the automotive industry. As a pricing and sales guide, Kelly Blue Book is paying attention to vehicle age, trim, market conditions, features and mileage

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